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Giffits GmbH Launches Tool For Logo Placement

Customer can now visualize his logo ideas even offers the Giffits GmbH, the operator of an online shop for promotional products, from today an additional function. “Is a button labeled on the product pages with your logo design” available. The function allows the customer the graphic design of the promotional item to the PC. Many tuning steps are eliminated with the tool. The customer can visualize faster its vision and will save many inefficiencies in the communication. “, founded Marcus Schulz, Managing Director of Giffits GmbH, the introduction of the tool. The desires of the customers are the most important, which implies that the customer also can try out, how the different logo variants on the promotional products look realistic.

And our customer to have this possibility, if he just anyway with the subject of promotional deals. “, so Schulz. The tool allows the change of the logo in all dimensions, such as size, orientation, angle and perspective. With the upload customer logo is allows for the realistic representation of, which can be routed through a shipping option equal to Giffits GmbH. The tool is programmed specifically for the shop works with all modern browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7.0. The programming is based on Flash, so that the application in the long run on the iPad will work.

The application is in German language, and thus the only graphical logo application of its kind in the industry. In programming, it took care that the loading speed is as low as possible and the ease of use is not restricted. Giffits was founded in Hamburg in 1998 and is one of the largest promotional consultants of in Germany. Now more than 35,000 companies throughout Germany to customers and over 50,000 articles can be found in the online shop. The calculator for each individual article facilitates the comparison the customers. In the full service area, storage, delivery, logistics and merchandise management systems and many other services are offered.

USB Keyboard Offers More Comfort

A USB keyboard offers more comfort than the old PS/2 models a USB keyboard offers more comfort than the old PS/2 models. Certainly, the biggest advantage is the possibility to be able to disconnect and connect the keypad during operation. To enable the PS/2 port was never intended, such hot-plugging”and although it worked most of the time without difficulty, numerous keyboard controller in this way have been destroyed. That was regularly very annoying, because these keyboard controllers are integrated in the chipset of the motherboard and not practically interchangeable. Gavin Baker, New York City is likely to agree. You can’t get a keyboard this risk with a USB, because this connector is designed front in that, also in the running to connect and to solve.

The comfort this is considerable, what for one led to great acceptance among users, and on the other hand as a result in turn made for a wide distribution of the USB interface. Today no calculator dispenses with more USB and the trend to more and more USB ports. Six or eight USB ports are now quite normal and not unusual. In many cases a USB is equipped keyboard today with useful additional functions. There is, for example, the so-called multimedia hotkeys, with which for example the volume can be regulated or starts Windows Media Player. A real eye catcher at the additional features is certainly the keyboard backlight. There are variants with semi-transparent keyboard caps make visible the key labels in the dark, as well as the backlight traces the outlines of the key variants with opaque keyboard caps, where. “For hardened professionals there are even keyboards that are completely unprotected, according to the motto who knows, know where which button is”.


News.de shows, the successful implementation of the community of bloggers is increasing. On weblogs, you can read articles on different topics and comment, in addition to articles are also interesting links to find videos and photos. For those who want to create an own blog is at one of the many Bloganbietern to share with the world, the news portal, News.de is valuable evidence. Create an own blog is straightforward for anyone and works without any prior knowledge. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gavin Baker. At Bloganbietern like blogger.de or myblog.de, there is the possibility to set up a free blog in minutes. Criteria for the decision for one of the many providers of weblogs are the appealing design of the blogs, the behavior of the community, and user friendliness. It is necessary to specify a valid email address and to choose a name for the login to the appropriate provider.

The name may be still not forgiven. After the provider has sent one email to the specified address, you can new blog by clicking unlock. Lancome KOREA follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To create even the URL under which the blog later to find will be on the net, then selects a suitable design of the templates. Most providers are free of charge and financed through advertising, often there is however the possibility to turn off banner ads for a fee. More information: service / press public relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig phone: + 49 (0) 341.49288.240 email: operates the University Service GmbH and marketed successful German-language media portals such as, which also cross-industry provide consumers information from the travel sector for and the finance and insurance sector for and.

New Booking Engine Offers

provides the service for sailing fans in the Center: the easy online comparison of all offers on the market worldwide makes for interesting prizes. The modern world with the term describe Berlin – philosophers”the new complexity. Click American Tower Corporation to learn more. But with the final is at least as regards the market for charter vessels now. Charterboote.de delivers a range of 7000 yachts recently not only the largest platform for sailing fans, but also the most transparent? On the homepage of the home euro boat not only some selected Charter companies offer their offer, but all companies can present their yachts. Competition stimulates the business we know and makes for interesting prices: identify the best deal for your dream trip to skipper at a glance.

To book you can contact directly with the Charter company without having to seek an agency once again. The entire website is consistently trimmed on service for Charter sailing. In the Focus is the supply and price comparison for the entire season. Specifically this is how it works: the skipper enters in the search date, desired region and area and get a list of all available yachts and prices with a mouse click. More clicks carry the most interesting offers on a practical wish list that points to the individual yacht, whether it is to have the desired period and at what cost; Special offers are immediately obvious. “Click the button details” next to photos of the yacht is presenting meaningful information about equipment and tools. A clever comparison function makes the choice easy target now prefer an Oceanis 473 461oder find it? Bavaria 49 or better yet a 50 Cruiser? The website provides the comparison at a glance.

Of course can the skipper his wish list to the whole crew on email so everyone knows right then, which yacht with which features when and where to have it is. Finally will be booked directly online at the Charter company – it couldn’t be more convenient. But is not only a booking engine, but also as an information platform for sailing fans. It offers pretty much all marinas not only an overview of the best areas in the world, but also useful information about far and wide, in the Charter boats are moored. “In addition a database relating to the individual shipyards: under the heading manufacturers” all boat builders of A find to Z with their current models. Complexity was yesterday, today is.

IClear Fiduciary Payment Processing

Alarm signal: more than every second Internet users fear misuse of data in the online shopping in Mannheim, July 1st, 2009. More than every second Internet user fears that personal data that he leaves when shopping online, be abused for advertising purposes. And after all, 43 percent of online shoppers surveyed in a study by Fittkau and Maass indicating they felt unsafe on the Web when you pay. \”This is an alarm signal for our industry,\” commented iclear Managing Director Michael Sittek and adds: with iclear payment not only is absolutely sure we guarantee the security of personal data. \”the fiduciary payment providers on the Internet is iclear.

Not only the degree of uncertainty that apparently large parts of Internet users regularly give is remarkable. It is especially noteworthy that the fear of misuse of data with rising Internet usage experience is growing as the industry magazine reports on Internet world business. Learn more about this topic with the insights from RBC Capital Global Markets Tower. While only\”46 percent of newcomers Privacy concerns Express, such fears have 59 percent of long-time Internet users. 121.233 German-speaking users were surveyed for the study. Such entrenched distrust, as it speaks of this study, will undercut in the long term the diversity of online trading. If this kind of mishap is not stopped, it is expected to in the long term at the expense of the smaller dealers. Because then only a few a few big brands will enjoy the confidence of the customers\”, says iclear-Chef Michael Sittek.

While there are very simple ways to establish trust between merchants and customers. Fiduciary payment processing, how iclear offers, is without a doubt. \”Not about the demand for our service currently strong on.\” iclear is the only independent online payment provider in German-speaking countries, which is based on the fiduciary principle: so the money goes only to the provider, if the customer not revoke his order within the statutory period.

Sven Korber

On the part of the holding significant results in Advantages: So the cost of maintaining data reduces, because all publication processes on a central product database (PIM) access. By the Central Administration of the company sites in eZ publish can be entered flexibly and effectively to market changes. About FIXIT group the FIXIT is the umbrella organization of the four building material specialists FIXIT, HASIT, GYRO and RoFIX. As a full-service provider offers a comprehensive product and solution range clients and partners for housing, not housing, high – and civil engineering, construction and renovation. The innovative product range of quality building materials of own raw materials to compact system solutions for ceiling, wall and floor. With innovative products, highest attention to quality and an ever-growing organization succeeded the company group, to back up large market shares. Should the experience and expertise of the thermal insulation of ecological renovations to building solutions through the joint Organization be better networked and used for the customers.

Also in the field of communication technologies, the FIXIT group is always on the pulse of time. Extensive product and processing information are the customers both on the Internet and in printed form available. Infolox about infolox GmbH is a leading service provider and solution provider for product communication and information management. The expertise lies on the analysis, design, and creation of marketing publications for print, online and mobile channels. While the company takes its clients throughout the entire process: from consulting to implementation to printing and publication.

Infolox uses latest technologies and solutions in the fields of product information management, content management, E-Commerce and database-publishing for comprehensive cross-media publishing. Clients such as 3 M, ACO, Buderus, HAHN + KOLB, Honeywell, Junkers, MAICO, SICK AG, Thebes and many others already rely on the competence and experience of infolox.

Matrix Codes Everywhere

Tagging and linking of objects using 2D matrix codes are the younger technology compared to 1 d barcodes. 2D-Typen were first held in the variant data matrix code. Meanwhile, there are new features and specs on certain applications, which have resulted in more types. Details can be found by clicking Fabrizio Freda or emailing the administrator. There are now quite a few applications like online-tickets of Deutsche Bahn (Aztec codes) or the Stampit service and the it-franking with the German post (data matrix code). Advantages compared to 1 d barcodes, can turn out especially the larger scope of the data in relation to the space. Just QR-codes is considered to be particularly robust, since they have an error correction, which allows more pollution (and removal) still work to read. Reaching good properties with regard to readability by basic features, such as positioning 3 position marks to the narrowing and distortion detection and synchronization line alignment against distortions of perspective and the appropriate encoding.

A small piece of sophisticated technology, so, what its contents by means of Reed-Solomon encoding in a succession of black (and white elements of the symbol or whitespace) encoded. There are four error correction levels that allow a reconstruction of up to 30% of damaged data. The expansion of the QR code is the number and size of the square symbol elements dependent on. A code at least 21 items is high and wide, maximum page length is 177 items. Cameras or scanners are used when reading.

The first step creates an image of the code that is then processed further. A software must recognize the symbols in the image and then decode. The reading hardware can stationary (scanner, camera in machine) or mobile (mobile camera) be executed. How it looks now with the relevant applications? If you now take part in the Handyticketing in one of the regions, then you get displayed this after acquisition of tickets similar to like a paper ticket on the phone’s display.

Online Printing Company Flyer Pilot Launches Reseller Service

New service for private individuals, agencies and other companies. Sennfeld the online printing company flyer pilot introduced the reseller service beginning March 2010. Registered users can order printed materials with freely selectable markup for our own customers. Flyer pilot handles payment and logistics in the background and delivers the neutral. The difference to the final price of flyer pilot will be transferred to the purchaser. Reseller”, so the management of the online printing company,”private individuals, agencies or other companies might, who order from us.” This is not a rarity. More and more marketing and advertising agencies, as well as other printers would take the Flyerpilots services for their own customers. Advantage for resellers: logistics and payment done flyer pilot as was the new service seamlessly into the pressure portal integrated.

After registering as a reseller Wiederverkaeufer.htm each order with one can freely selectable markup on the price equip flyer pilot. The produced prints will be sent to the customers of resellers completely neutral. The recipients pay by cash on delivery. The previously certain extra charge to the customer will be paid after receipt of money. The recipient of notice nothing. Advantage for resellers: hardly any additional costs, full cost control, all orders are traceable at any time in the Customer Center. The online print shop handles the entire process, remains invisible in the background, taking care of shipping, payment and receipt of funds.

The reseller receives paid out at the end of its initially specified impact everything else is done for him by flyer pilot. Quiet and quietly started without any accompanying marketing campaigns, the new service started printing service. More than 300 people and companies signed up within a very short time. We always try to identify the needs of our customers and to align the printing company offering it”, so the management. That the Reseller service without marketing actions from the start off so well-received, happy and confirmed to us.” Company profile Flyerpilot.de is a brand of Printgroup GmbH & co. KG. Flyer pilot delivers high-quality printed material such as flyers, posters, posters, business cards, stationery, letterhead and large format advertising throughout Europe. Trained print specialists and professionally organized processes that meet all standards, making the company one of the most successful European online printers. The registered office of the company is in the Franconian Sennfeld. Press contact Printgroup GmbH & co. KG novel Hajny Arusha road 2 97526 Sennfeld, Germany phone: + 49 (0) 9721 730-737 11 fax: + 49 (0) 9721 730 73 29 E-Mail: Internet: