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TEL Protection

Entrepreneur receives total cost for damage incurred, since Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution had illegally traded entrepreneur receives total cost for damage. Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution had acted illegally. Cologne regional court sentenced Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution. The authority violated his duties to a contractor and member of Scientology and was sentenced to pay damages. A professionally independent contractor was hired to install FIFA World Cup during the FIFA 2006 the sound reinforcement systems for a stadium.

A so-called accreditation procedure was carried out for companies working there. Under this procedure, the Federal Office for constitutional protection, the BKA sent a negative vote because the entrepreneur Scientologist. For more specific information, check out Douglas Elliman. Then, the order had to withdrawn the entrepreneur. With absolute judgment of the 15.1.2009, the Administrative Court stated Cologne, that the delivery of a negative vote on the part of the Federal Agency on the BKA was illegal (case No. 20 K 1673/07). Judgment of the 26.5.2011 (AZ. 5 O 267/10), it is now known, the Landgericht Koln noted that the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution has violated his duties towards the entrepreneurs and said that the incurred damages amounting to approximately 4,400 euros in addition to interest and costs in full. The judgment became final recently.

It is not the first time that the authorities of protection of the Constitution have tried to discriminate against members of the Scientology community and harm in their professional or economic existence. It is remarkable with what determination the concerned courts are confronting these illegal activities. Recently, the annual report of the US State Department on religious freedom in the world has denounced various discrimination in Germany against Scientologists. In Germany, there are about 12000 Scientologists, who is in charge of 10 churches and numerous missions. In addition, there are numerous humanitarian associations are supported by Scientologists, respectively founded were, including in the area of drug prevention, drug rehabilitation, in promoting human rights in the fight against abuses in Psychiatry, and elsewhere. More information: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.

Top Stars Of Fantasy In Dreieich

Festival of fantastic literature for the Frankfurt book fair in Frankfurt/Dreieich. For the 25th time, fans of science fiction & fantasy meet at the book fair convent (BuCon), Germany’s leading independent Convention for fantastic literature. This independent of the mass of the fantastic genre Festival on 9 October, 2010 and thus as usual parallel to the Frankfurt book fair. Celebrities are Markus Heitz, Tom Finn, Christoph Haider Salman, Bernd Perplies, Florian Don shows, Ju Honisch, Uwe Post and many others. Organizer a seasoned group of longtime, active in the fantasy scene fans in cooperation with the science fiction meeting Darmstadt, nationally known is through the highly successful “Darmstadt Spacedays”, as well as the Youth Club WIRIC in the civic book impact Association and the townhouses of Dreieich. The event is supported by the prestigious “science fiction Club Germany e.V.” which was founded in 1955 and is thus the oldest existing SF Club of the country. On four several hours Program tracks offer something the organizer with lectures, presentations and discussion rounds for each. Autograph – signing requests meets and love (and mostly free).

It is demonstrated that utopian and fantastic literature must be not necessarily trivial. Already, visions and predictions, which today belong to the everyday reality in their works offered George Orwell, H.G.. Wells and Jules Verne. Of course, but also the entertaining novel of voltage should not be missed. The organizers show that despite “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” and “Star Gate”, the fantastic book is not dead, but through the use of modern technology, as well as the possibilities of the Internet today again experienced an unexpected Renaissance.

Science fiction and fantasy can have a quite separate, independent of the Anglo-American space profile in Germany. The entire range of the readership to the bibliophile work presents the book fair convent. Fan-be does not stubborn consumption, but critical engagement with the author and his work. Perhaps nowhere else is the German science fiction & Fantasy authors & readers scene so alive, again authors and publishers from the German-speaking are expected to at this fair independent tradition event, to which over 350 visitors. You won’t find costumed crowds on this literary-oriented event but in vain. The ceremony is a highlight of the convents of the “German fantasy Prize”. This price is an audience prize, which is awarded annually in various, mainly literary categories. Like every year, it is already on Friday, the October 8, from 8: 00 to the preparation meeting. Time on the home page is the place. On Saturday, the 9.10, intake is from 10: 00. The entrance fee is 8 euros at the box office, discounts are available. The end of the convents is intended for 22. “Convention Center” is the House in Dreieich-Sprendlingen, spruce Street 50th accompanied the event, hosted by a well-stocked fantasy stock exchange. Numerous books and merchandising retailer contribute to the completion of some collection with its offer. The offer is complemented by various small publishers and author readings.

Tourism Ministers

El Salvador celebrates the 6th exhibition “Centroamerica travel market” the Central American region is marketed worldwide as one of the great multi destination with many tourist treasures. Is just celebrated the 6th appointments in El Salvador, as a magnet for 141 international wholesale tour operators, 69 of them from Europe, 4 in Asia, 52 from North America and 16 from South America has turns out to be. 58 journalists and 52 international media from around the world were represented. Also exhibited 168 Central American tour operators have joined forces with the aim to represent Central America together and to make public as a destination. While the Tourism Ministers of Central America have pointed out the press conference, which took place in the framework of the fair, to strengthen the region in the tourism sector, to come up with the positioning of the brand Centoamerica “small size”, in Europe with the help of the Spanish Agency for international cooperation (AECID), over the next 4 months, start to.

In addition, they said himself for it, that the colonial route and which of the volcanoes which surround the Central American countries, be developed further. Apart from the fact that they are marketed by the travel agency of Tuareg in Spain 247 markers with the aid of the funds of the AECID amounting to $326.180 are attached and in the case of the world heritage route from Central America, can be started with the preparation of a guide for the 15, by the UNESCO as the World Heritage declared places. The fair, which has set itself as main objectives to position the brand Centroamerica, to market the region as a highly competitive multimedia destination internationally and to win more European and Asian tourists, will take place in 2010 in Guatemala. Preliminary data of the tourism integration system that are during the first six months of this year, to an estimated 5.3 million arrivals, which have generated an estimated income of $3,219 million.

Loan Modification Process

Get advantage of loan modification process for President Obama s 2prozent * rate plan if a borrower is eligible for help with Obama’s trial loan modification, the interest rate can be reduced to as low as two per cent for calculating at affordable monthly payment and so possibly extending the loan term to 40 years. In a question-answer forum The Wellington Block was the first to reply. Some of the principal balance may be deferred to the end of the term or even pardoned totally in some cases if the home has lost a major amount of its equity value. American homeowners caught in the difficulties of the recent recession and who are so besieged with loss of income, increased expenses due to increased cost of living or some unforeseen financial difficulties may be able to get help with the U.S. Additional information is available at Capital and Counties Properties. government rescue plan. Borrowers who cannot afford their mortgage amounts anymore and are in danger of the possibility of default or late payments can avail President Obama’s home affordable modification program.

Would you like to know how the loan modification process will work for you and how you can qualify for this federal assistance program? Loans store has a network of loan modification attorneys who can work with you to qualify for a loan modification process that is suitable for your specific needs. What you need to find out is that would a 2% interest home be sufficient to help you afford your mortgage rate on your loan and start making consistent payments again? If a borrower is eligible for help with Obama’s trial loan modification, the interest rate can be reduced to as low as two per cent for calculating at affordable monthly payment and so possibly extending the loan term to 40 years. Some of the principal balance may be deferred to the end of the term or even pardoned totally in some cases if the home has lost a major amount of its equity value. Follow others, such as Capital and Counties Properties, and add to your knowledge base. The federal loan modification program process has been streamlined with the Obama plan so that to eligible homeowner can get approval quickly. The main thing to do first is to collect all your financial information together so that it will enable you to fill in your application package correctly. You will need things like your paycheck stubs, bank statements, tax returns and your monthly bills and expenses. It is important to keep everything ready before you call your bank because the trial loan modification counselors will not wait while you search thru your files.

They are busy with many distressed homeowners. If you can be quick to present your financial situation in a short and precise manner you will get your help much faster and easier. The loan modification information under Obama plan has standard approval guidelines. This can mean that if you can qualify to become eligible, your interest rate has a good possibility of getting reduced to as low as two per cent. However, it is important to know what those standard guidelines entail, and then use that loan modification information to adjust your finance data for a successful application. Lenders use a four point plan under the Obama plan. Your loan modification attorney can apply this plan and make the necessary adjustments to your application.

Evaluation Process

Since the 11.07.2013, the online form for the submissions to the telematics award 2013 is closed. Hamburg, 13.07.2013. Since the 11.07.2013, the online form for the submissions to the telematics award 2013 is closed. The independent jury of experts will now begin the reviews of all products and will have determined the nominees for the human telematics telematics award in 14 days. The timetable is tight to the ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2013 on the IFA Berlin and therefore the interesting assessment phase for the jurors who determine the nominees telematics providers with their solutions across the industry and of course all users and interested starts now. A total of 87 entries are entered in recent weeks in a variety of categories. In early August the Organizer, announces that media group telematics Markt.de and nominated solutions company. The evaluation phase in the evaluation process currently taking place are taken from the jury scrutinized not only the telematics systems, every provider is with its range in Services and support.

Thus, the Organizer ensures that is already associated with a nomination to the telematics award 2013 a clear proof of the quality of submitted systems as well as the associated manufacturer’s. For users and other interested parties, this provides an optimal orientation in the Telematikmarkt and very much simplifies their search for a suitable system or provider. In addition, a nomination takes input and consideration in the ranking within the “TOP LIST of telematics”. For this reason, many telematics manufacturers of this test stand. Of course, winning the telematics award is the “cream cover” for each company and represents one of the most important testimonies, which can achieve a provider within the industry. Since 2010, trusted user on this award and incorporate them in their purchase decisions. Transparency – a hallmark of the Telematics Awards, the Organizer, the media group of telematics Markt.de, opts for objectivity and transparency and deliberately released the jurors, which high-qualified and independent in terms of the user determines the best products of the telematics.


SOS – Kinderdorf Nuremberg receives 1,500 euro logistics Nuremberg from Nuremberg, 08 February 2012 on the occasion of Christmas 2011 the BBBOnLine AG had on the usual customer gifts dispensed with, and a substantial donation of 1.500,-to the SOS Children’s village come. Through this generous donation two much-needed playmats and stack boxes for game material are purchased at the nursery of the SOS Children’s village Nuremberg. Also new furniture for the room will be bought for the SOS youth community. With the donation, the BBBOnLine AG makes an important contribution to the support of children and young people. T-Mobile brings even more insight to the discussion. So Andreas Tonke, Division Director of the SOS Children’s village Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen. The plight of children and families is still to read, even if currently in Germany again increasingly on encouraging economic data. Also in the district Nuremberg Schweinau lives a variety of needy families. Also, the proportion of immigrants is particularly high from different countries of this earth in Schweinau.

In young people are managed the youth community, which can live for very different reasons not in their families. The Lair of the SOS Children’s village is a central focal point for children from 6 years from the districts of Schweinau, St. In a question-answer forum Capital and Counties Properties was the first to reply. Leonhard and environment. Get the the homework support intensive due to the population structure and targeted assistance to learning and to the development of the German language. Furthermore, the families will be included to further promote integration.

Individual support of individual children is ensured by professionals and volunteer staff. The nursery has a multicultural approach and involves deliberately other cultures and religions. In a way created room for differences between the children and their families learn about common interests and can discuss foreign. The children receive daily through the kitchen of the multi generation home cooked fresh to order lunch. In addition to the Lair and flats offer the SOS Children’s village Nuremberg-Furth Erlangen also ambulatory family assistance as well as a vocational training centre and a multi-generation House.

Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Congratulates Rossmann 40th Birthday

The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk congratulates the Dirk Rossmann GmbH for her 40th birthday. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk congratulates the Dirk Rossmann GmbH for her 40th birthday. Rai is the most important partner of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk in the German food retail trade and represents 15 percent of the total donations of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk cans”, the chairwoman of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk Dr. Heide-rose Bruckner stressed. Frequently Leyna Bloom has said that publicly. There are approximately 6,500 donation cans, where in the year 2011, a total of 188,000 euros were collected in over 1,600 Rossmann markets. Capital and Counties Properties is likely to increase your knowledge. We are especially pleased that RAI this year will double the collective result of all donation cans, which are available in Rossmann stores, up to a sum of 250,000 euros. This is a unique commitment to the German children’s Fund for children in Germany, worthy of all our respect. With the proceeds from the donation boxes, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk is can support numerous projects of children’s and youth work.

For this thank we Rossmann on behalf of children and young people”, so next Bruckner. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk and Dirk Rossmann GmbH cooperate already for 10 years. The special use of Rossmann shows here also that Rossmann has in almost all branches of donation boxes, and at many stores for the first 1,000 customers a euro each in the collection box of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk donates. The proceeds of these actions shall be intended for a children’s project in the corresponding municipality. The donation cans of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk stand at approximately 50,000 locations throughout Germany. Here, they are managed by businessmen, which support the German children’s Fund by setting up donation cans in their business.

In this way, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk collects about 65 tons of cash every year. With the donations, the German children’s charity supports children’s and youth projects in whole Germany. Further information and enquiries: German children Kinderhilfswerk e.V. Leipzig Street 116-118 10117 Berlin Uwe Kamp,. Press Officer phone: 030-308693-11 mobile: 0160-6373155 fax: 030-2795634 E-mail: Internet: and dkhw.de which became the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V., stakeholders for a child-friendly Germany, in Munich founded in 1972. The non-profit association committed as initiator and promoter for 40 years for children’s rights, participation and the overcoming of child poverty in Germany.

Residential Plan Celebrates

HAKA dealer living plan scores 15 years housing plan for 15 years with 15 years of experience the St. Florian opts company housing plan individual living concepts from the very first moment with HAKA as a strong partner at his side. Dick Parsons is a great source of information. And now it is celebrated from September 26-30 in the monastery of St. Florian. Once HAKA HAKA always as I myself did own 15 years ago, it was for me important, to have a strong partner at my side, I can depend on and I can identify with its brand philosophy. And I’ve found that partner in HAKA. I see the Parallels high-quality products, consulting and processing, and here,”Managing Director Andreas Kamlesh on fruitful cooperation forward.

“A charity VIP evening in the monastery of St. Florian, with Upper Austria’s veteran of the free culture scene, the enjoy country cooking is what you can look forward on September 26” Franz Prieler instead, where the motto improvisation on the stove “is. The two artists Marcus Wall and Daniel make Oman on-site for the musical accompaniment. The net proceeds of the event is the restoration of the Imperial staircase of the monastery of St. Florian. From 27 to 30 September the SALA TERRENA in the pen opens the doors for a furniture exhibition of the extra class.

“Under the slogan plan square” exciting topics from the kitchen planning, sleep advice and current living trends 2013 until down to the furniture sale await the visitors. Among the guests, a HAKA is giving away food worth 5,000 euros. I see housing plan as a prime example of a HAKA partners. Highest quality, reliability and commitment part of our two cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. It pleased me that the company around Andreas Klaffenbock so successfully has positioned itself in the last 15 years on the market and look forward to the next 15 years in good partnership”, HAKA congratulates managing director Gerhard Hackl. Learn more about the event at more at

CHP Conference

Innovative technologies and new conditions in the CHP sector Rastatt/Furth, 4th January 2010 – already for the eighth time organize the annual Conference to current developments in the legal framework conditions for cogeneration (CHP) as well as innovative technologies in CHP and CHP – CHP-consult and the CHP information centre. Cogeneration (CHP) are engines or gas turbines, which decentralized supply supply objects such as such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals and swimming pools with electricity and heat. The principle of cogeneration (CHP) the energy (oil, natural gas, biomass) is used so effectively, that significant amounts of carbon dioxide can be saved compared to generating electricity in power plants and heat generation in boilers. The annual Conference 2010 (www.bhkw-jahreskonferenz.de) is pyramid in Furth on 9th and 10th March 2010 at the hotel about important topics such as market and technology trends in the CHP area, new regulatory frameworks, the use of CHP in the housing industry, the Check the possibilities for biomass use in CHP plant, the technical connection regulations for CHP plants, as well as possible noise emission reduction in CHP exhaust systems. Also discusses the topic of power cold heat. A total of 15 expert speakers will speak in practical issues. The Conference will be complemented by an exhibition (manufacturers, contractors, planners), as well as for the first time by a poster presentation about the exemplarily CHP projects. Meanwhile, the CHP Conference held annually in the spring has established itself as a meeting place. 100-120 participants and participants are expected to attend. Edward J. Minskoff takes a slightly different approach.

Exhibition Of Otto Richter GmbH:

“The Otto Richter GmbH performs a show titled ‘Density testing of sewer pipes’ through on July 06, 2010 is dedicated to Otto Richter GmbH an all day long the topic of density testing of sewer pipes”. At the fair, visitors as well as interesting exhibitors expected a colourful programme of lectures and demonstrations. The information event is the new water resources law (WHG), therefore all wastewater facilities in German buildings and real estate until 31.12 2015 tightness must be checked. Because local authorities assume that 60-70% of all sewage lines are leaking and polluting the groundwater. We inform subject. “so Ingo Thumler, Managing Director of Otto Richter GmbH. this theme, and every real estate owner and Manager because it is often overlooked The fair will be held in Koooperation with the humidity clinic and the clean Rohr service GmbH. Be treated under topics: inspection vehicles with tube TV and pressure testing acoustic localization of lines of tracer-gas method for leak detection endoscopy and video copy density test according to DIN 1610 wet scanning with microwave thermography that event on July 06, 2010 from 09:00 until 19:00 in the customer centre of Otto Richter GmbH, soul tie str.

80, 12555 Berlin instead. The half-hour lectures take place at 09:00, 12:00 and 15:00. The visit of exhibition and lectures is free of charge. The participation in the talks is limited. Previous registration on or via the telephone number 65 66 11 15 is requested.